I grew up with the term “picara” and have always considered myself one. My family is full of them, including my sister and my step mom. We are adventurers, finding the good and the bad adventures everywhere we go and in everything we do.

I consider modern humans, at least in the United States, to be less and less adventurous. Maybe this is a mistake, maybe most people don’t explore and give life the meaning it deserves, and maybe I underestimate people. But in my limited experiences, I don’t think humans take the opportunities to adventure as much as they should.

I am currently in graduate school, hoping to earn a PhD in biology. While my current adventures don’t seem as fun as some of my previous experiences, like sailing a tall ship in the Great Lakes, it is crucial to find adventures in the everyday, even in suburbia. This blog will follow my more mundane adventures in cooking, baking, sewing, and more.