After what seemed like an immeasurable amount of nagging from my sister to start sewing (which I’m actually thankful for now), I stitched my very own pajama pants! They’re super comfortable, fit me perfectly, and are just what I wanted. They are truly custom pajamas, which I only have because I made them myself. And since flannel was on sale, I paid less than $7 for the fabric! What is not to love?

However, making clothes is a process. As my sister warned me, I wanted to get straight to stitching rather than spending time tracing and cutting patterns. And repeating. I already had my cute hot air balloon flannel and could easily imagine wearing it as capri-length pjs, so the in between steps seemed like a major stitch in my side. But just as preparing a ship for the sea is a necessary part of sailing, preparing your patterns and fabric for cutting and stitching is a necessary part of sewing. If you’re wondering, I am learning how to make clothes from Tilly Walnes’ Love at First Stitch: Demystifying Dressmaking. This book has step by step instructions and all of the patterns you’ll need. Prior to these pants, I had basically no sewing knowledge apart from how to stitch by hand or how to make my grandmother’s sewing machine start. Love_At_First_Stitch_cover_1024x1024

When I finally had everything I needed to sew pajamas (including an iron and its board, Love at First Stitch, and three pairs of scissors/snips), I finally motivated myself enough to trace the Margot pajama pattern. And by “motivated myself” I really mean that I was lazily sitting on the couch watching Sabrina the Teenage Witch when I suddenly wanted to feel productive- anything but homework, anyways (just kidding, Dad!). Once my patterns were traced onto my fabric, I became nervous. What if I messed up the fabric by cutting wrong? What if my pattern wasn’t actually correct? When I finally cut into the nicely pressed fabric, I was mostly excited that soon I would have made something myself. (Sewing the first stitches was scary too, but seams can be ripped).

Once I started sewing, I couldn’t stop. To be fair, listening to scores from Errol Flynn movies on my Victrola was probably another motivational force. I finished the pants that same day and was sad to take them off the next morning as I got ready for work. They’re far from a picture of perfect sewing, but they’re just right for me. Now I just need a pajama party to wear them to! I have lots and lots to learn, and I can’t wait for my next project! Overall, I’m a little sad that I didn’t start sewing sooner in life, but I’m excited for all of the things I get to make!

The finished product! I never want to take them off!

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